New site (Again)

Hey folks,

As many of you might have noticed (And commented frequently on), the old website and all the old download links stopped working as of around April of this year, this was due to a failed automatic update in WordPress that broke half of the website, and my various attempts to simply repair it unfortunately were unsuccessful. As a result, an entirely new website now needs to be built back up from the ground up, as many of the old databases were broken, and old web pages were not functioning correctly. This lead me to the decision to take advantage of the situation, and move to a different webhost (Don’t use GoDaddy, their servers are garbage), but unfortunately the domain name transfer didn’t go as smoothly or quickly as I would have wanted it to…

That all said, this new site will take some time to rebuild, so please bare with me until then, I’ll have everything back up and running as soon as I’m able. Thank you for your patience.

Dakrem/Shenku AKA Kevin