RWBY: From Dust

RWBY: From Dust is a fan-project based on the hit internet animated show RWBY, created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth, and is in no way affiliated with them. This is a passion project created largely as a creative outlet to express my love of the show, and to also practice some basic game design principles.

[Download Link]

The Concept:

Unlike the official commercial game, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, which was more focused on multiplayer and hack & slash gameplay, RWBY: From Dust seeks to be a more story driven experience focusing more on RPG elements and exploration, in an open world in the tradition of classic-modern RPGs, guiding the player to where they need to go next, while still offering the freedom for the player to wander off the beaten path instead if they desire.

The gameplay itself will have a mixture of streamlined combat, RPG story and character progression, and 3D platforming, and (eventually) a variety of team attacks incorporating Double, Triple, and Quadruple Attacks with various effects and uses, from Frost-Flower fog to hide from enemies and lower the chance of them attacking the player or party members, to full team attacks utilizing everyone’s strengths for a coordinated assault. A key feature will also be the ability to swap control of any of the 4 Party Members on the fly, even in combat, to exploit enemy weaknesses, and adapt to changes on the battle field. (Also coming in the future will be basic commands to instruct Party Members what to do so they don’t just mindlessly attack enemies at random)

The Story:

While the story is largely undecided at present as many of the core gameplay systems are still being built, what can be confirmed is the main villain will be a unique villain with distinct goals and motivations that are not tied directly to the show or its main-cast villains/plots.

When can I play it?:

While a full version is not yet finished, a playable Demo version is now available at the following link, and has an included updater/launcher through which future updates will be applied:

[Download Link]

Builds may or may not be stable, and may or may not run smoothly, so be forewarned that you should not expect RWBY: From Dust to be of a completed game level of quality. Think of this as super-duper early pre-alpha access.

Spot a bug? Report it on the Discord channel!

Controls Keyboard (Xbox Gamepad) [PlayStation Gamepad]:

(Note: The Gameplay Controls will be added to an In-Game menu in a future update for easier reference, but for now here is a quick reference list for them. Additionally, while portions of the game can be played with a gamepad, it’s not fully integrated into the menu yet, so a mouse and keyboard are still recommended.)