Spritehaven: A Fairy’s Tale

Spritehaven: A Fairy’s Tale was going to be a game slated for PC and Mobile platforms featuring an open world fully explorable enchanted forest-island with mythical creatures, quirky adventures, fully customizable characters, and a home built and customized by you the player. While the game was primarily targeted towards a younger audience (8-12ish?), it was planned to have plenty for older audiences to enjoy as well, but due to a variety of circumstances and shifting focus, Spritehaven as a full game has since been put on an indefinite hiatus.

The world itself was to be relatively small, taking place on Spritehaven Island, but fairies being small creatures will see this as a massive place full of strange and wondrous things to explore, collect, and strange creatures you can meet and befriend through the game’s storyline.

It was planned for there to be dozens of options to pick from when creating your character, and even more options would become available as you play the game, collect rare items, and unlock a plethora of interesting and unique styles, effects (such as fiery or glittery auras), and even furniture to decorate your home with.

Your Fairy House would be just as unique as you are, and you would be able to customize your wallpaper, floor, ceiling, the room layout, and many other details, and a large library of furniture would only add to your customization.