Balloon Guy Blast

11/21/23 Version 1.1.0 [DOWNLOAD LINK]

Older Versions:

11/18/23 Version 1.0 [DOWNLOAD LINK]

Balloon Guy Blast is a simple fan game inspired by YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, and Musician, Shady Cicada, and haunted by Shady’s fan game, Mario’s Big Adventure. As such, this is a fan game of a fan game…?

Genre: Bullet Hell/Parody…?


WASD (Controller Left Joystick) Movement

Left Mouse Button (Controller Right Trigger) to Shoot

Weapon fires towards Mouse Cursor on Screen (Controller Right Joystick to aim)

Version History

Version 1.1.0

  • Added Game Controller support (Tested with a PS4 controller using DS4Windows driver, but should also work with any PC compatible Xbox controller)
  • Added Visual indicator for Gamer Miles score bonus coins. (200 points each)
  • Adjusted Power Up drops. Power Ups for each weapon type will now only be able to be picked up Once, any duplicates already on the field will be auto converted into Gamer Miles score bonus coins.
  • All Drops are now set as a 33% chance to drop when an enemy is defeated, with a 67% chance of being Gamer Miles score bonus coins, and a 33% chance to drop a Power Up, unless all Power Ups have been collected, in which case ALL drops will be Gamer Miles.
  • Adjusted spawn timers for all enemies, as well as added one additional spawn location for each Boss class (Barrel Boy, Super Mellow, and New Kutlassin-Delux)
  • Reduced Hit Radius of Balloon Guy and added visual Heart icon to show where he can be hit. Also adjusted Balloon Guy’s location offset to properly adjust when looking left.
  • Adjusted player movement, players should find Balloon Guy to be more responsive when moving around the screen now.
  • Added radial “draw-in” distance to pull Power Ups and Gamer Miles coins toward the player when not firing weapon. (Forgot to include this note initially, but it is part of the Version 1.1.0 release.)


Players start each round with the Standard Gun. Enemies have a chance to drop Power Ups, which randomly grant the other weapon types in addition to any other weapon/s the player already has. Once the player has all weapon types, additional drops will be in the form of Gamer Miles score bonus coins instead.

Standard Gun


Sword Throwing

Cutlass Barrage

BuzzSaw Launcher

Stick Bois