RWBY: From Dust

RWBY: From Dust is a fan-project based on the hit internet animated show RWBY, created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth, and is in no way affiliated with them. This is a passion project created largely as a creative outlet to express my love of the show, even if the last 2ish volumes have been… Meh…

The Concept:

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Unlike the commercial game, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, which was more focused on multiplayer and hack & slash gameplay, From Dust seeks to be a more story driven experience focusing more on RPG elements and exploration, in a semi-open world in the tradition of older quasi-linear mid-late ’90s era RPGs and Platformers, guiding the player to where they need to go next, while still offering the freedom for the player to wander off the beaten path occasionally.

The gameplay itself will have a mixture of streamlined combat, RPG story and character progression, and 3D platforming, and each character will make use of their individual skills and abilities to help progress through the game.

The Story:

While the story is largely undecided at present as many of the core gameplay systems are still being built, and thus taking the priority of my time, a basic idea is being planned out for a unique villain for this game with a largely stand alone story that can stand separate from the show. More details to be revealed at a later time.

When can I play it?:

The game itself will eventually be made available once it reaches a stable and playable state with at least the first arc of the main story completed. As far as an ETA, that is still largely up in the air.




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