Spritehaven Demo Now Available!

Was completely intending on having this out a few months ago, but financial problems, time management issues, work interference, exc…. Blegh, suffice to say RL bit me in the butt a little on keeping this project on track…

Anyways, I’m releasing the first playable demo of Spritehaven today, and am going to be attempting another Kickstarter campaign (or something similar) just as soon as I get reliable internet back up in my house, so I can get the proper funding to finish fleshing this game out like it deserves…

Download Link!

Simply download the game, and unzip the files into any folder, and run the executable, it should work. Might not run smoothly on lower end machines, I’m not 100% sure on minimum specs yet, but I’ll list my laptop specs for the moment since it works for me.


Standard WASD movement, Space to fly up, and F to toggle on/off Flight. Escape to open the Pause Menu, and Alt to toggle on/off the Mouse Cursor.

Mimimum Specs:
Windows 8.1 or higher (Might work with Vista or 7, not sure… Needs to be at least a 64-bit Windows OS)
AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics, 2.7 GHz

Better than above, but specifically would suggest at least a Quad Core Processor, and dedicated near-current generation Video Card….

New Features!
Item Placement:

  • Added new item placing mode. Options are still somewhat limited, but flexible enough for a proper demonstration. You can activate this mode by pressing Alt to toggle your cursor, and then pressing 1 (not Numpad… Yet…).
  • You can swap objects to place by pressing the [ and ] bracket keys. You can also Rotate the objects by using the Q and E keys.
  • To place the object, simply move your cursor around on the screen, and Left Click once the object is in the position you want to drop it in.
  • To remove/delete placed items, follow the same steps as for placing, but instead press 2 (not Numpad… Yet…) and then click on the desired object.

New Character options!

  • Added additional Hair and Chest options for Female characters.
  • Adjusted some cloth simulation parameters for the Skirt meshes, they should no longer “flail wildly in the air like they just don’t care”… Still some clipping issues though, as there also are with other leg options…
  • Added systems to track and display current stats of your character, as well as updated some of the initial values. Movement related stats are currently the only ones that are relevant, Drop Rate stats are not in use yet…
  • Added new Zoom and Rotation buttons to the character creation screen to get a better look at the character when creating your Fairy.


  • NPCs are now mostly functional, and can now interact with the player. Simply walk up to one and press Enter (Again, not Numpad…) to talk to them.
  • NPCs will now either stand still, or wander a predesignated path, but will stop if in range to talk with a player.
  • Some NPCs will have more than one thing to say, talk to them a second time to hear all they have to say!

More features to come in future updates for the full version, along with a more completed “story” than the flimsily short one presented in this demo…


I have not fully stress tested object placement mode yet, so I’m not sure how many objects you can drop before it severely hinders performance…

This demo is free to download and play and/or redistribute as much as you want, just refer people back to spritehaven.com if you do.

Yes, the character creator is still not very robust yet, and definitely no where near a replacement for City of Heroes, especially since this is still currently only single player, but it’s the best I can do as a solo developer when I spend more time building up the game mechanics than the actual visuals…

Anyways, enjoy, test it, let me know if you find any glaring bugs, if it doesn’t run, if your computer explodes, exc…. Just try not to fly out too far… I haven’t put blocking volumes in yet to keep the player from flying out of the map…