The Black Dawn Wars

The Black Dawn Wars:

The Black Dawn Wars is a 3 part fantasy novel series written by Kevin Kroschel, and follows the exploits of Jenia Synaras, Tettas Terallen, Aykra Sentepitus, Sarah Sethil and others as they do battle with the forces of evil, try to prevent the end of the world, and attempt to return peace to the land. Books 1: The Fall of Var, Book 2: Frozen Shadows, and Book 3: Daughter of Light are all available for purchase in both digital Kindle versions, as well as physical softcover and hardcover editions.

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Heroes of Myridas:

Heroes of Myridas is a turn based strategy game based off of The Black Dawn Wars, and loosely follows the same story in a semi-abridged form. While not integral to the story from the novels, it may address some background and lore for the world itself. Release date TBD.

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