Ephemeral Knights: Prologue

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Opening her eyes for what seemed like the millionth time, she gazed down at the dragon emblazoned coin that now rested in her hand, unnaturally cool to the touch and glowing faintly in the dim library’s light. She had spent years debating the use of the kind of magic that now resided in the coin, and the nine others like it, but desperate times had forced her hand, and she knew that her visions always came true. Now, as she placed the newly created coin into her pocket, she hefted the coin purse that contained the other nine, and looked at it thoughtfully. She had considered the course of action she was about to take many times, but the risks were almost worse than the alternative.

She nodded to herself as she exited her library, and made her way out the front door of her house, and she took a deep breath as she surveyed the rolling hills around her home. There were sparse trees of varying kinds scattered across the landscape in the distance, and the occasional bushes, but much of the land was covered in tall waist high grass. In the distance over the ridge of ice mountains of Vorkhath, she could make out the plume of roiling smoke and ash rising out of Mount Vol’aan, and wondered if the volcanos there would ever stop spewing their dark clouds of suffocating death into the air. Thankfully the mountain was mostly isolated by the Tal’aan Sea, so its influence hardly ever spread much beyond its shorelines. Past the mountains, she could just make out the tall spires of the royal palace in the city of Terminus just barely from over Mount Vol’aan’s ridge. The tall white-grey structures were a beacon to the nearby lands of the peace and security that the royal family was entrusted to bestow, and for countless generations they had fulfilled their oaths. Now, she wondered if it was all for nothing.

She pocketed the coin purse, and lightly brushed her robes smooth as she began to concentrate, and then leapt clear into the air as her body shifted from its human form and into her true form, that of a brilliant golden dragon with wings like elegant blades slicing through the air as she soared clear over Vorkhath and past Mount Vol’aan in mere moments, and glided rapidly toward her destination. She eyed the canyons to her south warily as she flew past them, but saw no movement of opposition, so she continued on until she was just a short distance of a couple miles from Terminus, and then landed and retook her human form. As she walked the road, a few stray bears wondered her way, but turned around and went the other way when they realized who they were approaching. When she finally arrived in Terminus, the city was ripe with activity as the citizens all prepared for the festival to celebrate the Princess’ wedding. The guards did not recognize her as she passed through the city gate, and she was able to make her way to the city docks without so much as a single look of suspicion. That is, until she finally found the ones who were the reason for her coming to Terminus that morning to begin with. They mistrusted her almost immediately, but she still put on her best human smile as she walked towards them to put her plans into motion.

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