Ephemeral Knights

Ephemeral Knights, AKA Chibi Brawl (Working Title) is an action adventure RPG where you must race against the clock to save the vast kingdom of Terminus from a mysterious evil who seeks to destroy the world and remake it to fit his own dark designs.

(Release Date: TBA)

(Platforms: TBA)


The Story:

One of many Knights invited to attend a royal wedding, the player will be pulled into a story of intrigue and mystery as they seek to uncover the cause and prevent a great calamity that will befall the kingdom in five days. The player will be tasked with exploring five areas, each beset by a curse to which the player must break if they are to have any hope to stop the calamity and save the kingdom.


The World:

Kindom of Terminus, a large capital city and trade center, people from across the world come to Terminus to trade for valuable ores and wares manufactured in Terminus’ Industrial District.

The Fortress of Valor, a once fearsome outpost of Terminus Kingdom, after contact was lost, the player is sent to investigate only to find the fortress in ruins, and overrun with evil spider monsters and undead.

Forsaken Kingdom, a reclusive and wary kingdom of Sucubi, the land surrounding their kingdom has begun to wither and die, and their leaders have succumbed to madness.

The Village of Freist, a town in the secluded mountains of the west, its people have vanished and are under a wicked spell that controls their every action.

The Wastes, a vast desert formerly home to a great but now forgotten kingdom, some ancient ruins of which can still be found, and now overrun by bandits and sand wraiths.

Mount Vol’aan, an ever erupting volcanic mountain that serves as a home to demons and servants of darkness, now a thriving and formidable fortress of evil.





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