Devlog – Lore Exploration Introduction

Building the world for Spritehaven is an intensely time consuming task. Both in the time spent on building up the world’s assets, as well as laying them out in-game. But another aspect of this that I’ve been keeping constantly in consideration is the lore behind which the world exists.

While the game largely features the player and his/her fellow Fairies, there are other beings that need to be considered to make the world a more believable magical realm, such as humans, elves, or even ogres and goblins. The problem with most of these beings is their scale. Fairies are small, scale wise standing a few inches tall, and so any other race introduced would be a towering giant compared to the player. Obviously, because of their rarity, and mystical abilities, Fairies are prone to being the object of great interest to these other races, but a Fae can never be too careful around them. Humans, often analytical, curious, and invasive, would seek to capture a Fairy for study. Elves would have a deep rooted understanding and respect for Fae kind, as they are kin of the forest. Ogres are hostile to most anything, and goblins delight in the occasional treat they see Fairies to be.

With these things in mind, in large part, players would be encouraged to keep their distance from these massive beings, lest they risk being captured, eaten, or otherwise killed.


I’ll be starting on this Dev Blog over the coming days, and use this to both jot down ideas (a look behind the developer process, if you will), as well as to expand on and explore just what lore Spritehaven will hold as I work to further develop the world of Spritehaven, as well as develop the story that the player will engage in.