Dev Log #2 World Building

Dev Log #2 World Building

Developing the setting for a game can be crucial for an open world adventure such as what Spritehaven strives to be. Countless hours have been spent considering, plotting, scheming, and otherwise brainstorming for ideas on what exactly to do with the game’s world.

First off, the goal is not simply to make the world big. Big is easy, especially when your character is only about 3 inches tall. If anything, the goal is to make the world both big and immersive. With out things to see, the world loses its charm. So creating the world level is more than simply slapping together an island, throwing in a million trees and blades of grass, and then calling it a day.

Therein lies the entire dilemma with my assembling this world. Because I want to make every area distinctive, put in subtle details in every small corner, and make it so that where you are in the world is easily identifiable, putting the entire level together at such a scale also takes a monumental amount of work. Work that is being done by one person, who also needs to build up the game mechanics, art assets, and put together a story. Needless to say, it’s a tall order, but one that will be tackled one rock at a time.

Of course, building the level isn’t just about the level itself, but the beings that inhabit it. So I have to create a “lived in” presence in certain areas, particularly towns/villages/fortresses/exc. in order to make these areas seem believable. By extension, I have to give some thought to the inhabitants themselves. Who lives there? What are they like? What do they do during the day? Do they do anything at night? And so on…

That brings me of course to writing up information about the individual races, which we’ll cover next time, as I don’t want these to become too long and dry…