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Spritehaven Demo Now Available!

Was completely intending on having this out a few months ago, but financial problems, time management issues, work interference, exc…. Blegh, suffice to say RL bit me in the butt a little on keeping this project on track…

Anyways, I’m releasing the first playable demo of Spritehaven today, and am going to be attempting another Kickstarter campaign (or something similar) just as soon as I get reliable internet back up in my house, so I can get the proper funding to finish fleshing this game out like it deserves…

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News 4/6/2015: Kickstarter and where to from here…

With the funding goal having not been reached, and by a rather large margin, I’m going to hold off on a second round for a little while until I can get together more in-game stuff to show, hopefully a working demo, and a promotional video that better sums up the immense “wall of text” in the full story/game description.

Rest assured, the game is still being worked on, and will be released eventually, but without the funding I have no exact timeline as to when that will be. I’m still in the process of setting up everything on the new site, and everything with the new website is subject to change, but I should hopefully have it finished soonish. Expect allĀ future updates to be posted here going forward.

To those few of you who did back the project, I thank you for your support, perhaps next time we’ll have better luck. Until then, keep being awesome!