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Site Update: 4/27/18

Moved several pages around, and consolidated information pertaining to Spritehaven (The game) to a dedicated page/subsection to conform with the site’s recent more generalized use as a “catch all” website for all the various projects I am working on.

Also added projects “Riot-CON” and “RWBY: From Dust” to the projects section with more info and media for each of them.

Spritehaven going forward.

While Spritehaven is on an indefinite hold due to a variety of factors, work has continued on numerous other projects, off and on, in the hopes of eventually getting one of them published, and has more or less become the home to all of these various projects. As it so happens, Chibi Brawl, which has recently been reclassified and renamed as Ephemeral Knights, is the furthest along in development (next to Cat or Die, and War Suns, which are both completed and free to download Game Jam games, or Don’t Die, which was a self imposed week-long challenge project and is also free to download), and has become the main focus in the short term for a published commercial game title.

Screenshot (38)Ephemeral Knights was originally supposed to release a short playable demo this past August, but that timeframe came and went as quickly as a bolt of lightning, and such a demo is still a ways off. Looking forward, the project is soon going to be wrapping up the development of primary game mechanics, and will be focusing on developing the main story, side quests, completing world building and expansion of the game’s many environments and locations, cinematics, as well as a heavy emphasis on bug fixing and performance optimization, and a massive UI overhaul.

Screenshot (12)At first glance, the goal with Ephemeral Knights is for a PC launch, with a very iffy “maybe” for console ports to as yet determined platform/s depending on the success or failure of potential crowdfunding campaigns, because Dev Kits are expensive, and adapting to each system takes time. With luck, the primary goal now is to gear everything up for a basic gameplay demo to be targeted for release in Spring 2017 through Steam Greenlight (Which EK will be submitted to once development of the early demo is closer to completion.).

So yeah, Spritehaven as a full game may be getting delayed for a while, but work will continue on Ephemeral Knights as well as a couple of other as yet to be announced smaller titles, and will continue to be their primary home.

Site Update: 9/16/16

The Community Forums have temporarily been deleted following mass-spam overflow that was causing site loading issues, including hindering efforts to remove spam. The Forums will be readded at a later date once demand for them aside from Spambot use exists.

Also added a new (not-new) game project to the Other Projects section, more details, preview videos, screenshots, and other info to come over the next few days as I pull everything together to compile into this project’s new page.

Just say no to Spambots…

Went through and removed all non-admin users from the user database, as it was difficult to discern legitimate users from spambot ones, and since there were well over 2,000 users, which I know the site is not popular enough to have at this point in time, I figured a full wipe would be best. If I deleted your account by mistake, I apologize.

I also added a Captcha plugin to help prevent future spambot activity from being so invasive.